Award Nomination


One of my Works-In-Progress was nominated for the Joan Lowery Nixon Award at the 2016 Houston SCBWI conference. The winner will be selected by author Joy Preble (It Wasn’t Always Like This) and will get a year’s mentorship from Joy. Fingers and toes crossed!

logo-scbwiSCBWI stands for Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. The Houston regional conference, on October 22 (2016?), was fantastic!

The Joan Lowery Nixon Award was named for one of Houston’s best-loved writers of books for children and young adults. Joan Lowery Nixon wrote more than 140 books — historical fiction and mysteries for kids of all ages (including adults). The one I loved best was The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore.

Join me at the Houston Bay Area RWA meeting on Tuesday, February 16

JULIE GLOVER and CHRISTINA DELAY — How to Craft a Compelling Novel with Brainstorming

Julie GloverChristina Delay

I’m really, really looking forward to what these two smart ladies have to say. The topic is one I don’t usually use — brainstorming. They’re going to show us how to use the group collective mind to unleash ideas and push us toward fresh choices in structure and characterization, turning story problems into tantalizing twists and powerful page turners. Julie and Christina have promised a hands-on brainstorming session, too. My regency YA could really use that!

About the Speakers: Christina Delay is a finalist for her young adult novel, Nocturne, in both The Lonestar 2015 contest and The Rebecca 2015 contest. Her women’s fiction book, Twelve Years, won second place in the 2015 Golden Rose contest and is a finalist in the 2015 Indiana Golden Opportunity contest. You can find Christina, where she gets to hang out with all the Readerlicious chicks and write about weird mythology nuances and creatures.

Julie Glover pens teen fiction—indulging her desires to create interesting characters, express deep emotions, and add snark wherever possible. Her young adult contemporary novel, SHARING HUNTER, is a 2015 RWA® Golden Heart® finalist, placed first in the 2014 Utah RWA Great Beginnings Contest, and received second in the 2014 New Jersey RWA Put Your Heart in a Book Contest, YA categories

Hand and Blocks
Hand and Blocks

The meeting begins at 7:30 pm at the Kirkmont MUD Building, 10102 Blackhawk Road, Houston, TX 77089. Social time starts at 7 pm. Join us for dinner first at 9ers Grill, at the intersection of Blackhawk and Beltway 8.