I’m having a busy summer!

While I have published contemporary romance (for Harlequin) and still love to read it, historical romance is the genre I go to for dreamy courtships, sweeping passion and perilous plots, not to mention exquisite fashions, luxurious settings and graceful manners, as well as exciting–and sometimes real–characters. And oh, those sumptuous feasts!

Let’s face it. Historical romance has just about every (insert extravagant adjective of your choice) thing you could want in a story. So when I decided to return to writing full time, I began where my heart was… in Regency England.

My Regency-set novella, The Captain’s Last Quest, was published on August 2, 2022, by Dragonblade Publishing in an anthology called Tales of Timeless Romance.

You can order it from Amazon HERE.

Miss Letitia Waire is determined to escape her greedy, domineering father and the lecherous old earl he’s betrothed her to. But her father has confined Letty to a tower bedroom and hired seven hulking bodyguards to thwart any attempt to evade the marriage. Letty knows better than to hope for love—that’s only a fairytale myth. But she is determined to find a man who is willing to give her what she really wants–freedom.

     Captain Nicholas Monton is a returning naval war hero and “almost” the heir to the Duke of Landsdowne. When a friend tells him of Letty’s plight, he agrees to a contrived meeting.

Fascinated, he begins his campaign to win the trust and love of a strong woman who has never known kindness.

The story was inspired by the forbidden romance between the original “People’s Princess,” Charlotte (the popular daughter of the Prince Regent of England) and Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg. Who doesn’t love a story about a beloved princess held prisoner and the handsome hero who won her heart?

Bonus: a free short story prequel, If Only, My Love, for readers who subscribe to my newsletter. There is also a free short story sequel, too, (At Last, My Love) but that’s a story for another time. 🙂


As I said before, I love writing books set in interesting historical periods. One of my current works in progress for adults is The Bargain Bride, the first book in the Hope Alley series. This is a Regency-set story about a heroine determined to rise above her roots in the tenements of the Seven Dials district of London and the scandalous second son who pushes all her buttons.

For teens: I’m also editing the first volume of a Middle Grade fantasy trilogy currently titled A Midsummer Nightmare. This one takes place in Elizabethan England and is just plain fun–with nasty, invisible imps! I’m also going to try to refresh the cover and add some extra content to my five-star Middle Grade historical fantasy, Celia and the Wolf, and looking forward to a sales push for next Halloween.

So that’s it. I’m very, very busy!