cropped-donna-maloy-pink-squareI’ve always daydreamed about living in some other time, some other place. A long time ago, library cards were my ticket to all those strange, inviting other worlds— as long as I had transportation to the library. Now I have an e-reader that lets me instantaneously fill my hunger for exciting adventures and emotional love stories.

A few years ago, I starting writing the kind of stories I love.

If you like to imagine living other lives in other times and places, too, I think we’ll get along just fine!

Every weekday pre-pandemic, I spent between three and five hours writing with friends at a quiet, local library. It fed my creativity… and kept me committed. For a while, I had to write in a busy house with other things going on around me and lots of distractions. Not good for productivity! Fortunately, I’m back in the library and so is one of my writing buddies. And we’re getting it on!

My books are adventures… with unique characters learning about life, love, treachery and loyalty. I also have nonfiction projects, like a journal for people setting out to achieve a goal.

Mazda (2)In my spare time I enjoy watching great movies (like every single Marvel movie), playing with new software and computer graphics, making jewelry, exploring new gadgets and other geeky things — like trying out Google Glass. I drive a cool Mazda 6 I call the Silver Shark (for obvious reasons) and love to go on faraway cruises.