NASA nova wowI’ve always wondered what it would be like to be somebody else, living in some other time, experiencing some other place. A long time ago, library cards were my ticket to all those strange, inviting other worlds — as long as I had transportation to the library. Now I have an e-reader that lets me instantaneously fill my hunger for unusual stories — especially today’s imaginative, exciting novels and short stories for teens and young adults.

celia-cover-8-5-x-5-5-72dpiA few years ago, I starting writing the kind of stories I love. Stories in which a hero or heroine can become someone else… or even some thingelse. I combined those ideas with an equally strong love of exciting historical settings, and the Shapeshifter Journals were born. Book one, Celia and the Wolf, was published at the end of 2014. My proudest moment was signing a copy of that book for an eager reader at a special library event.

Along the way I’ve picked up a lot of advice about writing, which I’m happy to share here on my website and in my blog. I particularly enjoy mentoring young writers just starting out and teaching workshops.

If you like to imagine living other lives in other times and places, too, I think we’ll get along just fine!

While I’m definitely still writing a Shapeshifter Journals sequel in my spare time, I’m mainly editing a fantasy adventure — it takes place in England just as the Spanish Armada is preparing to invade — at the same time I’m finishing an Historical Romance for adults. I also have a Young Adult Historical Romance about a Regency era teen that’s calling my name. (The first chapters of that last manuscript won the Rosemary Award during the Evening of YA at the 2015 national conference of Romance Writers of America. See the other winners here.) Now I really have to stop letting the world distract me from finishing… oh wait, is Agents of Shield on now?

Starbucks Irregulars 2-16 (2)Every weekday, I spend between four and six hours writing with a group of Starbucks Irregulars (I’m third from left). Really. The buzzing, humming atmosphere feeds our creativity… and keeps us committed.

One member of our group writes thrillers, another writes medieval romance. We also have a playwright and a computer programmer. A few of us write for young adults… because those are the books we really love to read.

My books are adventures… with unique characters learning about life, love, treachery and loyalty. I also have nonfiction projects, like a journal for people setting out to achieve a goal.

Mazda (2)In my spare time I enjoy watching great movies (like every single Marvel movie), playing with new software and computer graphics, making jewelry, exploring new gadgets and other geeky things — like trying out Google Glass. I drive a cool Mazda 6 I call the Silver Shark (for obvious reasons) and love to go on faraway cruises.