Have you been to Riveted?

Riveted is a new website/booksite/community from Simon and Schuster. Riveted is described as

an online community for anyone that loves (or, dare we say, is addicted to?) young adult fiction!

Here at Riveted, you’re able to discover new YA reads, read books for free on your computer, tablet, or phone, get a behind the scenes look at your favorite books, discuss your favorites with the community, share your ideas and contribute to the site, as well as enter to win new and upcoming YA releases, and more. It’s free to join and participate!

– See more at: http://rivetedlit.com/about/#sthash.A9EugGBY.dpuf

I also signed up to get Simon and Schuster’s email newsletter (you can sign up HERE). Today’s issue had this amazing announcement:

Free Reads Coming Up On Riveted

Zeroes  Rot & Ruin  Loser/Queen  Zombies vs. Unicorn

Free reads (excerpts and even FULL BOOKS) can be found at http://rivetedlit.com/books/


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