School plays and play sequences are written at grade levels from 1 through 8. They include basic set design, costume and props description. CDs, sheet music and performance video segments are available. Scripts are copyrighted by Donna Maloy. Music and lyrics are copyrighted by Paula Eamon. For more information or to commission a school play, email

The Emperor’s Birthday

Individual plays based on Japanese folktales are part of an over-arching sequence about an imperial birthday party. Plays include: The Tongue-Cut Sparrow,  The Crane That Repaid Kindness, and Urashimo Taro and the Coral Palace. Music is based on themes from traditional Japanese children’s songs.

The Contest of Legends

Folktales of the Mayas, Incas and Aztecs are featured in individual plays within an over-arching sequence about a contest for the Best Anthropologist in the World. Plays include: The Spirits and the Five Suns(Aztec), The Hero Twins (Maya), and The First Incas of Cuzco (Inca). Music is based around traditional Central American melodies and instruments.

The Music Fairy

Five German folk tales, including The Golden Goose, Briar Rose (or Sleeping Beauty), The Dancing Princesses, The Bremen Town Musicians, and Snow White, are included as individual plays united by an over-arching sequence about the young Brothers Grimm. Music includes rhythms from waltz, march and scat.

Also Available

A play sequence, The Dreamcatcher, includes individual plays based on Native American Indian folktales and myths, such as How Turtle Cracked His Back and Corn Maiden. The overarching sequence is about three lost, sleepy children. The play sequence, Free to be American, includes five one-act plays about American History, from the Revolutionary War to the 21st century. The overarching sequence … Continue reading Also Available