Tips 4 Teen Writers

GoTeenWriters bookThere are lots of magazine markets and contests that are looking for stories, articles, poetry, jokes and other material from TEENS and YOUNG ADULTS. The 2015 Market guides from Writers Digest (see column on left) are a great place to start. But why not try out Go Teen Writers: How to Turn Your First Draft into a Published Book? Or you might prefer So You Want To Be a So you want to be a writerWriter? (on the right).

Please note–the links below are provided as a resource and do not indicate an endorsement of any specific content.
Markets (just a sampling!)
  • Stone Soup coverStone Soup – An online magazine by young authors and writers (ages 8-13) that has references for publishing in print materials
  • Merlyn’s Pen – Juried fiction, personal essays and poems from America’s teens
  • Teen Ink – a national teen magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing and art
  • Amazing Kids – and EZine for grades 4-8 (edited by kids for kids; adult advisors)
  • Alphabet Soup – Australian magazine that features work by children under age 12
  • Wordsmith
    Novel and Short Story markets

    One of several titles available from

    – UK magazine which encourages submissions from ages 11-18. Features poetry, stories, letters and artwork

  • Headliners – A news agency (UK), where young people aged 8-18 produce articles on issues that are important to them but of interest to everyone.
  • KidSpirit – free teen magazine and website, includes original essays, poetry and artwork tackling life’s big questions
NEW  The Buffalo News (N.Y.) is looking for teen journalists, photographers, etc.
Articles and Advice
Resource Websites

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